Glo Girl Cosmetics

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in 2014, I started GloGirl Cosmetics after spending many years in the makeup industry.

I became very disillusioned by what was being presented to me as the standard of what beauty should look like. My girlfriends are women from all over the world and I just didn’t see any of that global beauty being represented.

Hidden inside of every woman is a fierce attitude waiting for it’s moment to shine. GloGirl Cosmetics represents that passion and energy coupled with a slick attitude. Our Vitamin E enriched anti aging formula keeps lips hydrated while delivering a burst of high pigment color with a lip smoothing matte finish.

My goal was and is to create an edgy, fun brand that celebrates the beauty of all women and to redefine that beauty gap one lipstick color at a time, ‘cause girls just wanna have fun. Right?


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