Sophia Apostol
Sophia Apostol, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, helps curvalicious women stop
waiting to lose weight and start living their most amazing life now. As a curvalicious
woman herself, Sophia knows how body size can negatively impact how women show
up in the world. Her passion for helping these women achieve happiness and fulfillment
is why she left a six-figure job as a Director of Sales to become a Coach. Over the past several years, Sophia has coached a wide range of women, from entrepreneurs to executives to front-line workers. She has helped them begin wellness and health journeys, create better work environments, make more money, enjoy better relationships with family and friends, bring the fun into dating, and find love. Her mission is to empower more women to “Grab Life By the Love Handles!” She has also been a coaching expert on the television shows, “Creating Your Best LifeNow” and “The Curve,”
and on the radio show “Sex City.”
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