So many ideas come from situations where the person with the idea finds a problem that they just have to solve. It is the same with CarrieRae and her beautifully designed Undersummers. These are designed to wear underneath dresses in the summer but are just as comfortable on vacation, under pants or to lounge at home in. CarrieRae found that she wanted something comfortable and cool to wear under a dress in the summer but there was nothing on the market. That’s where the inspiration for Undersummers came from.

CarrieRae moved from Minnesota to Texas so she found the weather felt tropical during the summer. She wanted to wear a dress or a skirt because of the heat but also wanted rash protection. She tried different ways of dealing with this from cut off nylons to different balms or lotions but none worked in the way she desired. That was the start of the idea and that is how Undersummers was born. She made the first pairs herself and gave them to her friends to try out. When CarrieRae found that her friends loved them she knew she had a product on her hands that would help women to stay cool, have protection from rashes and look great too.

Within 7 months CarrieRae had the product ready to go to market and she has never looked back from there. She has always been creative and this side has really come out in the designs. These Undersummers are designed to be seen so they have great patterns that really bring out their style. When she set out on this journey e-commerce was quite different to what it is today but CarrieRae has been able to follow that path and grow her business. In the areas she maybe had a weakness in she has found the right people to help her. This is the sign of a successful business owner to see where they perhaps need help and seek it out. It has all gone to the success of Undersummers.

And customers love them! The feedback is overwhelmingly positive and many customers tell their friends and come back for more pairs themselves. These shorts are an alternative to shapewear and actually look and feel great. It is all about embracing the beauty of the wearer and Undersummers helps women to feel positive about themselves. Customers love the design and the comfort that Undersummers give them.

The internet has been at the forefront of providing clothing for women of all sizes and shapes. While the major stores have missed out on this opportunity, great retailers like CarrieRae and Undesrsummers have spotted a need and developed a product that meet the requirements of their customers. Long may it continue.

At FabUplus Magazine we think that CarrieRae and Undersummers are helping women to be who they want to be. CarrieRae states that she wants to make women’s lives better through their clothes. This is something that we can all identify and get behind and support.

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