Yoga Has No Size

Dianna Bondy

“Yoga has no size,” said Dianne Bondy, a Canadian writer, yoga educator, activist and mother. Anyone is invited on to the path of getting to know yourself, creating positive communities and making peace with your body.” 


Bondy travels the world teaching people how to stand in their power, breathe, make peace with their bodies, and create conscious body positive communities through her workshops and public speaking. 


She started Dianne Bondy Yoga to teach people how to get out of their heads and into their bodies. “I teach yoga as a way to inspire, educate, and create personal opportunities for growth and connecting communities,” said Bondy. 


Dianne Bondy Yoga focuses on using yoga to help shift conscious, make peace with the body and change the world to be a more inclusive and diverse space by challenging stereotypes and current narratives about who does yoga, who deserves yoga and what yoga looks like. 


Introduced to yoga by her mother, Bondy has been practicing yoga since the age of three. “Yoga became my sanctuary,” she explained. “It was a place where I could be kind to my body. Yoga is where I could explore how I could show up in the world to do good work. Yoga was something I wanted to share with the world. 


For Bondy, yoga became a way to recognize her self-worth and to see her body as something she could cherish and celebrate. She no longer had something to apologize for.  


Feel the fear and do it anyway,” said Bondy. Don’t let fear stop you. Be responsible, stay focusedand take the first step.”  

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