Many of us are rattling around the house looking for things to do, only able to entertain ourselves with the weekly food shop and possibly a walk with the dog each day, but there are so many fun and creative ways to keep your mind occupied during the coronavirus lockdown and until it’s safe for our day-to-day lives to return to normal. Many of us dream of days with nothing to do while we make our commute to our 9-5 jobs and all the things we would do with some ‘me’ time, so now is the time to do just that and here are a few popular ideas. 


Become a Master Baker


Many of us are wanting to stay away from sweet treats and goodies as we cant pop down to the gym when we feel guilty, but finding something yummy to cook can take a few hours out of your day and leave you with a tasty result and a beautiful smell in the kitchen; if you want to watch your calories, you can always drop your delicious creations on the doorsteps of a neighbour or two. 


When it comes to baking, many of you may think of making a batch of cookies or a dozen fairy cakes, but why not take all the time you have on your hands and test yourself. The internet is full of recipes for all different cakes and if you want to take it another step further, you can get creative with your decorating to make it look as good as it tastes. Not to worry, there are many helpful tools you can buy to help you along the way, such as icing cutters and cut to size plastic to give your cake a perfect shape and showstopping finish. 


Give Your Rooms A Lease of Life 


In our everyday busy lives, many little things can slip through the cracks as we simply may not have the time to get them done. Annoyances around the house can get you down, especially if you are spending more time at home than normal, so why not lift your mood and get them sorted. 


There is nothing like a first impression, so why not allow your home to give the best one possible by giving your front door a bit of TLC. Not only is it an affordable way to give your home a new look, but it also freshens up your home in a few hours and gives you something to keep you busy from picking a colour to getting down and dirty with the paint. With the sun coming out, why not go for a bright colour to lift your mood and passers-by; if after a while you decide the colour isn’t for you, then simply choose a different one and get painting again.


Many More…


There are so many ways to keep you and your family entertained in these testing times, but it is important to remain as positive as you can and stay safe. These little creative activities can brighten your mood and make the days feel less long, so why not try them.


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