Happy Memorial Day to our US readers! And, for everyone, Happy Model Monday! We’re so thrilled to bring you Brenda Barnes. Barnes is a model, advocate, and influencer. She’s also one of our fabUffiliates!

fabUplus Magazine: Describe your personal style. What are some of your signature colors, styles, and accessories?

Brenda Barnes: I would say I’m a mix of classy chique with an occasional urban edge. I love black and purple. Depending on the mood I love an A line dress, a pencil skirt, denim jackets, and a good jumpsuit just name a few. I love statement necklaces for classy, corporate looks, but I also live for big hoop earrings and lots of bangle bracelets.

fabUplus Magazine: What are some tips you’d like to share with aspiring influencers or models.

Brenda Barnes: It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, be you and do you. If you’re not sure where to start, just pick something you like and go from there. Videos, posts, articles, etc. You also don’t have to have the best look or equipment, or following. All that builds over time. Keep at it.

fabUplus Magazine: If you could go back in time and give yourself advice as a little girl, what would you tell her?

Brenda Barnes: People finds ways to put you down because they are only intimidated by your gift. Ignore that and love yourself inside and out. Those people will want to be your friend later. Trust me!

fabUplus Magazine: For our readers who struggle with being comfortable in their own skin and wearing what they want, what are some practical things you would recommend they do to help them get to the level of confidence you have.

Brenda Barnes: I would start with figuring out what kind of curvy girl I am as far as my body type and then find out what styles compliment my body and also allows me to show off at least one part of my body I really like. I would also start with something simple that helps me feel beautiful such as a lip gloss, a pair of shoes, a pair of earrings, etc. anything to kick start your walk in confidence!

fabUplus Magazine: What are your goals and dreams as an influence or model?

Brenda Barnes: My dream is to do this full time! I want to become a well known influencer or model in the industry,  in hopes of it leading to other opportunities(hosting, more modeling gigs, fashion panels, acting, etc)

fabUplus Magazine: How has body image and self-esteem changed over the years?

Brenda Barnes: Growing up during the 80’s and 90’s, thin was in lol. Within the past 10 years, the curvy girl has been embraced again. The increase of bloggers, models, influencers, designers who are curvy girls is very relevant and present and I believe has so much more room to grow! I just pray my flower continues bloom in the garden.

fabUplus Magazine: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Brenda Barnes: I have been a fan and admirer of many women in the entertainment industry. Moguls like Queen Latifah. Singers  like Chaka Khan,

Kelly Price, Jill Scott just to name a few.

fabUplus Magazine: Do you have a message you want to leave our readers?

Brenda Barnes: This life is too short to worry about what anyone says about you! Embrace your body and love your curves! If you want to change your body, do it but love yourself during the process!

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