An Interview with Self-Acceptance Advocate Brandee J

By Guest Writer Emma Medeiros


FabUplus Magazine: Please give a brief description of each media outlet/platform you have.

Brandee J: Luxe Kurves Magazine is the only upscale magazine publication for Kurvy/plus size women. We are a magazine that shows the lifestyle of all kurvy/plus size women, especially women of color. The Brandee J Talk show is a RAW and authentic talk show that does not shy away from the truth affecting our communities. I discuss real topics with real people. 

Both media outlets break all barriers that the media have said could not be broken! 


FabUplus Magazine: What special qualities do you look for in a Luxe Kurves TV with Brandee J guest? What about for a Luxe Kurves Magazine feature?


Brandee J: I seek guests who are making a strong impact in the world and who are also viewed as the underdog. Guests who are tenacious in their respected areas of life and this also applies for Luxe Magazine. We love to showcase features that touch and change the lives of our readers. My media platforms go beyond the traditions of media. We are not afraid to discuss sensitive topics or voice our opinions. Everything we do, everything we report and every guest we have on the talk show breaks barriers. 


FabUplus Magazine: You’re producing several events this year, such as LA Fashion Week Plus. How have you had to change them to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions?


Brandee J: LA Fashion Week Plus has reverted back to its original name “Luxe Kurves Fashion Night.” When COVID hit this year we made the decision to move the event to 2021, which gives us enough time to make it even better! We will debut “Luxe Kurves Fashion Night 2021” in Los Angeles, during LAFW! 


FabUplus Magazine: In what other ways has your business  had to evolve since the pandemic began? 

Brandee J: During the pandemic, my company has evolved in a tremendous way! The pandemic did not stop us, it actually fueled us in every way. We were already 100% virtual so nothing changed for us. My entire staff buckled down even more and have excelled in every way. Luxe has grown during the pandemic and the talk show has grown as well. We look for the positive in every situation and that is what we did during this pandemic. We work smarter and not harder! 

FabUplus Magazine: What are some survival skills you’d recommend  other fashion professionals learn?

Brandee J: WOW! Great question! My advice is not just for fashion professionals but for all business professionals. BE Creative! Yes, be creative with how you run your business. If your brand has not survived during 2020, it’s time to revamp and be creative to ensure your brand can handle a pandemic. 

Additional survival skills I infused into my daily routine are daily meditation, prayer. and therapy. I needed to improve  my mental health. This has helped me stay sane and focus during the ugly year of 2020. I have weekly therapy sessions and impromptu therapy sessions when I need a mental check-in. Mental health is not a joke and if it’s not inline you will not succeed in life or in business. 


FabUplus Magazine: In what ways do you live up to your title as a self-acceptance advocate? 

Brandee J: I practice what I preach! I’m an open book and I’m not ashamed of who I am. Yes, I’m in the spotlight and that does not and will not affect how I move. My purpose in life is to motivate WOMEN! To show them it’s okay to have bad days, it’s okay to not like your body all of the time, it’s okay to eat that damn ice cream! We are HUMAN and we all go through it. I show them every side of me and that I will always live in my truth. That is how I live up to the title!


FabUplus Magazine: Do you think the Black Lives Matter Movement will have a lasting impact on the fashion industry? Why or why not? If yes, in what ways?                             

Brandee J: It makes me upset that it continues to take the deaths of my Black Kings and Queens for the world to finally realize we are “Lit” or they should support black businesses more. Hell, we been the sh*t since we  were stolen from our land and brought to America. Maybe now they won’t be so bold to continue to steal from black fashion professionals such as designers and influencers. 

America and Wall Street should have been supporting us since day one versus now. The Black Lives Movement will have a lasting impact. not just in the fashion world but in the world, period!


FabUplus Magazine: What other changes do you see happening in the fashion industry over the next 6-12 months?

Brandee J: I see more brands collaborating together, I see more black brands coming together and making a stand, I see the spotlight shining more on black owned media and fashion brands as myself. I see us evolving, growing and becoming leading brands in every industry over the next 6-12 months. 

FabUplus Magazine: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Brandee J: Yes, to my amazing beautiful women: our time is now! It’s our time to stand up and fight more! It’s our time to support and celebrate one another. It’s our time to LOVE our damn selves even more! Go for what you want and do not let anyone tell you what you can’t do! 


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