Fall Fashion and Relationships with The Chivalrous Guy 

Written by: Johnny Zapp 

Fall is a great time for fashion. Ladies get to break out amazing coats, scarves and sweaters, and let’s not forget about stockings! There’s nothing I love more than seeing my lady in a dress, Kix’ies thigh-highs and boots as she heads off to work; but living in a hot climate, that doesn’t happen until fall. 

Men and women both have so many options for cooler weather. Most of us have closets full of gorgeous pieces that we’d look ridiculous in any other time of the year!  

It’s all about the layers. If you’re anything like my bride, when choosing your date night outfit, your lingerie is also a huge consideration. I should clarify that the word lingerie defines your daily essentials – bra, panties, etc. not solely “playtime” attire. This is the season to break out the shapewear, stockings, slips and other pieces to compliment your attire and boost your confidence and sensuality. 

Fall fashion definitely has a stake in dating. Cooler weather presents the opportunity for the gentelemen to remove his date’s coat as she sits for dinner, for example. Later on in the evening, when things heat up, it’s extremely sexy and fun to slowly peel the layers off of one another. Some layers, such as a scarf, can effortlessly become a playful, erotic piece. 

How about around the house? Fall might see you opting for something other than boyshorts and a tank, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel just as hot! So many great, comfy and sexy loungewear and pajama options from online retailers like Adore Me.  

Another essential item for fall is a fluffy, soft robe. I like to toss my girl’s in the dryer for a bit and then bring it to her to slip into as she’s climbing out of her work clothes on chili nights. Chivalry and romance can find a way into any fashion, any relationship!  

Would you like to know more about the fashions, lingerie and other pieces my curvy bride lives in? Email me! JohnnyZapp@Gmail.com 

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