Tiana Burrell tells us how Forty is the Magic Age and she was Finding Confidence Within

I was finding confidence within. Forty was the magic age for me. Society often makes women feel as though we lose value with age. For a long time, the thought of becoming older terrified me. Then, I started to feel the magic of my forties. Something happened to me. There was a shift, not only in how I felt about myself but also how I wanted to express that feeling.  

I found confidence, self-love, and the freedom to be myself. I was a young mother and wife and dedicated my life to my family. Married at 23, I didn’t know who I was outside of being a mother and wife. Everything I did and how I lived was for my family. Once my children became older and the need for me lessened. It was a struggle to figure out what was next. 

The questioning was tough for me. It was through this process, I discovered this grown, beautiful, sexy, and vibrant woman that I didn’t know existed beforeWomen are not onedimensional and we should not let society define who we are. We may be mothers and wives, but we can still feel sexy and beautifulConfidence and the freedom to be exactly who you are is the sexiest thing of all.


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