Getting Back to the Slopes 

curvy fitnessAs an avid skier I love to share my love for skiing with others.  But I’m often met with discussions around what “use to be”.  I hear comments like, “I used to ski when I was thinner or younger” or “I used to ski before I had kids”.   

Here are some ways you can get back to the slopes, at any size, age or ability – Skiing doesn’t have to be part of your history. 


Find the Right Ski Wear 

I get asked all the time where plus-size woman can find functional and fashionable skiwear.  Addition Elle is a great place to start and we’ve showcased some of their pieces in this article.  I’ve skied in Addition Elle’s ski apparel and it gets my stamp of approval.  


Learn how to get up from a fall 

Many women say they aren’t sure how they will get up if they fall and that’s totally valid because it can be a difficult feat.  I recommend asking your ski partner for a hand up while pointing your skis horizontally across the run.  Alternatively, take the skis off, stand up, brush off and start over! 


Map out the runs in Advance 

If you are just getting back to skiing, make sure you know the run grading system:  Green circle for the easiest runs, blue square for more advanced, black diamond for difficult, double diamond for extremely challenging and orange oval for snow-boarder terrain park.  Get a map of the mountain and study it before heading out by choosing the most suitable runs for your ski experience. 


Cross train  

Skiing can be quite demanding on the quadriceps.  You will likely experience a burning sensation during your first few days of the season.  I always do and consider it a break in period, so while that’s happening remember to take regular rest breaks.  Building this muscle group will help condition your legs for the demand downhill skiing requires.   

If you’ve gained weight, had kids or just let skiing go, you can make a comeback this season just by suiting up and getting out there.  Company’s like Addition Elle and FabUplus are empowering women of all shapes and sizes to live out their athletic dreams in the body they have now.  You can do it!

curvy fitness

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