Photography Credits: Kylee Williams

Sometimes you need to be getting Sexy & Silly Together

Learning to express what you like and want in the bedroom comes with truly being at home in your body and with who you are. It’s ok to be both sexy & silly. As a body image activist and leader for the last decade, I’ve found small body-positive group boudoir shoots can be a fun step towards embracing our sexual selves. It also provides our local body positive community a chance to connect to each other in a fun, flirty, and comfortable environment.  

Solo boudoir sessions can be daunting, expensive, and terrifying for larger women. We have never really seen bodies like ours celebrated or represented in sexy photos. While most of us take photos for ourselves, sharing them with significant others can help the process of embracing our bodiesHere are a few tips to create your own body-positive boudoir photoshoots: 


  1. Keep it small, safe, and intimate. My photographer and I only allow ten women to sign up for each session. They are all members of our online body positive community, the Boise Rad Fat Collective, and believe in the same standards of self-acceptance and compassion. 
  2. Give it plenty of time. We usually hold our mini-group boudoir sessions on a weekend and allow at least four hours. This is to give plenty of time for eating, drinking, setting up scenes, doing hair, and make-up. We also get time for lots of chatting so we are more comfortable with each other before stepping in front of the camera 
  3. Create a theme. We did angel wings, hearts, and flirty lingerie for our Valentine’s Day shoot. My favorite was our spooky and sexy photoshoot for Halloween. Which included props like skulls and pumpkins, witch hats, costumes, zombies, and ladies wrapped up in fake spider webbing.  


Photography Credits: Kylee Williams 
Hair Credits: Amy Pence-Brown 
Makeup Credits: Amy Pence-Brown 
Style/clothing Credits: Amy Pence-Brow
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