Good Morning and Happy Model Monday from fabUplus! We’re so excited to  you Jewel Jefferies. Jefferies is a model and influencer! She’s also one of our fabUffiliates!

Name: Jewel Jefferies, Model

Facebook: Jewel Jefferies

Instagram: @_queenjt_

YouTube: Tiara J

fabUplus Magazine: What type of modeling do you do? How did you get started as a model? What’s an average work week like for you? 

Jewel Jefferies: The types of modeling I do are runway modeling and print modeling. I started modeling in a modeling troupe back in college. I was always shy. That not only helped me because of my of confidence. My height and weight played a role in it as well.  

Whenever I have a photoshoot or fashion show that week I watch what I eat, workout and I make sure my skin is moisturized. As well as, I set appointments to get my nails, feet, hair and makeup done. 

fabUplus Magazine: What are some tips you’d like to share with aspiring influencers or models?

Jewel Jefferies: To put yourself out there and to remind yourself that people are always going to have something to say

fabUplus Magazine: For our readers who struggle with being comfortable in their own skin and wearing what they want, what are some practical things you would recommend they do to help them get to the level of confidence you have?

Jewel Jefferies: As a plus size model, my advice would be to wear clothes for your body type. as a female we know what colors and materials looks good on us and what doesn’t.

fabUplus Magazine: What does life look like for you outside of blogging or modeling (day job, hobbies, family life, etc)?

Jewel Jefferies: Outside of modeling I am very involved in other activities such as owning my own videography business and being apart of plus size dance team called 4thirty-two.

fabUplus Magazine: What does being an influencer or model mean to you? What do you hope it means to others?

Jewel Jefferies: Being a model to me means to be about your business. It’s more than just looking pretty on camera and wearing the nice clothes. But how you conduct yourself and your brand is what modeling is about.

fabUplus Magazine: What are your goals and dreams as an influencer or model? What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Jewel Jefferies: My goals as a model is to aspire other females who maybe short or have a few extra pounds to go for their goals and to keep going once you get there. I’m really proud of myself for working on my weakness as a model which was print modeling. I always liked runway modeling more than print. But in order to improve I have to identify what was holding me back

fabUplus Magazine: What are some of your favorite shopping and styling tips?

Jewel Jefferies: My favorite shopping tip is “keep the tag and receipt just in case it doesn’t workout”

fabUplus Magazine: What does beauty mean to you?

Jewel Jefferies: Beauty to me means to aspire others to be their authentic selves 14. What readers can expect next from me is more body positive from me through modeling and dance.

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