Good Morning and Happy Model Monday from fabUplus! We’re so excited to bring you Monique Breaux. Breaux is a model and influencer! She’s also one of our fabUffiliates!

Name: Monique Breaux


Facebook: PhatGirlInTheKitchen

Instagram: @PhatGirlInTheKitchen


“About a Phat Girl”

I’m an eight year Parks and Recreation professional who enjoys life! In 2015, I had a brain tumor removed; and gained a TON of weight from the post surgery steroids. In 2016, I decided that a ketogenic lifestyle was what I needed to assist me with good brain health. I’ve now lost 80 pounds (and counting) with the help of prayer, keto, and a personal trainer. I just couldn’t be the phat parks lady anymore!! I proudly serve the Texas Hill Country by planning large community events such as July 4th Fireworks and Christmas on Main St; which means I have the gift of gab and access to thousands of people at one time. I’m playfully know as the “Parks Lady” around town. Working in Parks means that I get to have fun for a living!!

How cool is that?!

Moe ends her emails with “Peace, Love, and Bacon Grease xoxoxo” We love it!

fabUplus Magazine: How did you get started as an influencer? What kind of content do you create, and what’s your main channel?

Monique Breaux: I got started as an Instagram influencer by posting reviews on ketogenic and low carb products. Trust me, not everything that has 4-stars on Amazon or Google is good, edible, or digestible. Some of those keto / low carb spaceship products on the market are science projects simply waiting on the right tester!! Readers can follow my journey of low carb and ketogenic living, plus size fitness, and parks and recreation shenanigans!


fabUplus Magazine: Describe your personal style. What are some of your signature colors, styles, and accessories?

Monique Breaux: I would describe my personal style as bold, eclectic, glamourous and fun. I love colors and I am not afraid to mix patterns and prints. I will break a fashion rule in a heartbeat if the outfit looks good on me. Some of my signature colors are fuchsia/hot pink, abalone shell, rose gold, fire engine red, Tiffany blue, mustard yellow, and black.

fabUplus Magazine: For our readers who struggle with being comfortable in their own skin and wearing what they want, what are some practical things you would recommend they do to help them get to the level of confidence you have?

Monique Breaux: For those who are may be struggling to find comfortable in their own skin, please remember this: you are an exclusive, one of a kind individual who is loved and has been place on this earth for such a time as this! Don’t ever let someone else, whether it be a family member, friend, media outlet, or influenster, make you feel less than simply because you may not look like the status quo. Guess what, once the makeup, body shapers, hair extensions, and tans all come off, they don’t look like the status quo either!! Love yourselves dolls!

fabUplus Magazine: What does life look like for you outside of blogging or modeling (day job, hobbies, family life, etc)?

Monique Breaux: Outside of blogging and modeling, I plan large community events for children and families for a living. When I am not planning or facilitating special events, I enjoy traveling, baking, trying out ketogenic recipes, visiting local parks and museums, and of course, shopping!

fabUplus Magazine: What are your goals and dreams as an influencer or model? What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Monique Breaux: My dream as an influencer / model is to inspire some little girl, teenager, young adult, etc. somewhere who may be struggling with her body image or weight. I want her to see me and say, wow, that’s a big beautiful lady who’s not afraid to be herself. I want her to see that she doesn’t have to shy away from the camera because she’s a little bit bigger than her friends or family. I want her to embrace herself.

fabUplus Magazine: What does beauty mean to you?

Monique Breaux: To me, beauty means being confident in who you are. True and meaningful beauty has nothing to do with the products on your face or the clothing on your body. Beauty comes from the inside and shines through your smile, your character, your interactions with others, and your overall demeanor. Once you embrace your inner beauty, you will naturally begin to exude outward beauty. 11. How has your body image and self-esteem changed over the years? My body image and self-esteem has definitely changed over the years! I’ve always been a big girl in both size and height. For a while, I couldn’t understand why I was 5’10 in the sixth grade and shopping in the women’s section; or why all my friends were 5’2 and shopping at 5-7-9 or The Gap! Well guess what, when your dad is 6’3 / 6’4, it’s kind of inevitable to become a “big kid”. My parents and family always told me that I was beautiful; however, I wanted to be skinny like my friends. Long story short and several diets later, I never made it to my friends’ sizes of double zeros, twos, and fours; and I am so glad I didn’t!!! I am proud to have “meat on my bones”.

fabUplus Magazine: From where do you draw inspiration for your work?

Monique Breaux: I draw my inspiration for my work from my everyday experiences. Life, in and of itself, is the best inspiration. I can have a conversation with another plus sized professional and that will spark an idea for featuring how to dress professionally without looking frumpy. I can see something in a park and that will spark another idea for an outdoor fitness feature or even a sunrise / sunset photo. I don’t limit myself to one particular thing or thought process because that can get boring really quickly.

fabUplus Magazine: Do you have a message you want to leave with our readers?

Monique Breaux: Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes. Love yourself from the inside out. Stop letting comparison ruin your happiness. Write that book. Take that trip. Buy those shoes and that outfit. Remember that it’s only one of you and that’s your superpower.

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