Model Monday- Meet Lynn Moore!

plus size model

Photography by: Chad Sonnberg

What was your journey like ?

My journey started out like others, admiring iconic influences on social media, following pages , dreaming that one day I’ll be able to join them. My time came when I applied to an agency to become a model.  Then came the day of my first shoot. I was Terrified and nervous as ever. Hair had to be done, nails painted, makeup done, all the outfits picked and in garment bags. The shoot was quick and pleasant. The photographer helped me and gave me pointers how to shape my body, how to pose. How to constantly move to find the best shot. Since then I’ve done a number of shoots. With a ton of photographers, worked with makeup artists, did some advertising and a ton more cool stuff. I’ve become confident, to love myself, to make it my goal to make other women see what I do and to accept themselves. I’ve become someone my friends, family and strangers look up to. But I’ve also have had my shares of defeats. Photographers turning me away, lying to me because they didn’t want to work with a plus size model. I’ve gotten rude comments on my photos about how unhealthy I am, how terrible I look, how I can’t wear what I want. Unfortunately I haven’t let that stand in the way of my new found confidence and influencer I have become on this journey. This is just the beginning


How did you become a plus size model?

The start of this story begins on Instagram where one day I came across a friend who modeled. I was so unbearably proud of her and who she became. I admired her confidence and self love. I wanted to be like her. So I messaged her and grabbed all the information I could. Tips, pointers, what I needed to be prepared for. 4am texts, questions upon questions, days of searching  to work with to start a portfolio and build me up to that level. Since then it’s been amazing and enjoy it every day .


plus size model

Photography: Rebel Horse Photography

What advice do you have for others?

Your gonna have haters, rejection, hurt along this path. But as an influencer, a brand, yourself you need to be strong and get back up again when someone says no or that they don’t want to work with you. You will also have wins. At the end of the day your gonna be a rock star with confidence, self love and inspiring the people around yourself or your followers that you can do anything you set your mind do and slay when you take that first step out of your house.


Anything you can think of to helps others journeys?

My advice would be to stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone knock you down, and keep that head held high. Someday you’re gonna join those queens on the tv and their gonna be cheering your name.

Thank you for your time!



Lynn Moore

Instagram @thicc_realness

plus size model

Photography: Rebel Horse Photography

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