Written by: Lori “Loralyee” Moran 

Photography Credits: Nikki Gomez, Ricardo Rodriquez, Gregory Florival 

Fashion has always been a form of expression for me. As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with fashion. I went from hiding behind fashion to embracing it and using it to express myself. 

As fashion changed and new trends became popular, so did I. 

During my teenage years I was obsessed with having the newest Nikes and Jordans. I wore all the popular brands like Rocawear, True Religion, and POLO.  

I can remember waiting impatiently online for hours every Saturday for the newest Jordans. I had dreams of going to school that Monday with the new sneakers because I knew everyone would notice. I had people coming into my class looking straight down at my feet to see what I was wearing. I became popular for being the best-dressed girl in my school. From elementary all the way through high school that is what I was known for.  

Looking back at it now I realize that I was hiding behind fashion. I was a chubby tomboy. I remember I used to think that if I wore the hottest clothes it would distract people from looking at my weight.  

Photography Credits: Nikki Gomez, Ricardo Rodriquez, Gregory Florival 

When I left for college, my style changed but my love for fashion stayed the same. I found a way to stop hiding behind fashion and start embracing myself through fashion.   

I started dressing more mature and more feminine, wearing tighter clothes and brighter colors. I used fashion to express the way I was feeling inside. I wanted other women to notice that although I was plus size, I wore what I want. It became a therapy for me. I started a club in college called R.E.A.L. (Realistically Embracing All Ladies). I used this club to plan fashion shows and programs to promote body positivity.  

When I graduated from college, I decided to start my blog. My blog has been another way for me to express my love for fashion and promote self-love. Lately, I have been promoting my color story. I want women to know that they can look and feel good in any color clothing, and express themselves through colors. 

Photography Credits: Nikki Gomez, Ricardo Rodriquez, Gregory Florival 

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Photography Credits: Nikki Gomez, Ricardo Rodriquez, Gregory Florival 

Style/clothing Credits: Windsor Plus, ASOS, Eleven60 

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