fabUplus Magazine has taken Blackout Tuesday to observe the Black Lives Matter movement. But, we as a media source need to provide support and resources for those in need. This is not a time to be silent.

In times like this, the United States of America (and the rest of the world) are facing challenges we’ve never faced before. Specifically, in the US, people of color and their supporters are facing the most difficult times they have faced in over 60 years. There are great divides and opinions on all sides of this multi-sided coin.

We are not encouraging anyone to be in harm’s way. However, we do encourage free speech and the right to protest. Should you find yourself in harm’s way, we have found an incredible document from an advocate named Indigo on Instagram:

https://www.instagram.com/botanicaldyke/ (@botanicaldyke)

Please credit them if you use this sheet. Thank you!


You can see the whole link here:


**Scroll to the bottom for guidance on what this document contains and how to credit. For accessibility, I’ve started transferring this document into Google Sheets! This Google doc will not be deleted, but some have requested the Google Sheet for ease of access.

SECTION I: For People Seeking Legal Counsel

  • A Master Thread of Lawyers Donating/Offering Their Services (Tweet)
  • A Spreadsheet of Pro Bono Legal Service Providers
Location Name Contact Additional Info


JD Lloyd 205-538-3340
California Legal Assistance for Immigrants UprisingSupport@IMMDEF.Org
National Legal Guild of Los Angeles
Bay Area Natl Lawyers Guild 415-285-1011
Bay Area Bay Area CCLP

Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals


1237 Shafter Ave

San Francisco CA



Metro Volunteer Lawyers (303) 860-1115. 1905 Sherman St, Ste 400
Colorado Lawyers Committee (303) 894-6366. 1700 Lincoln Street
Colorado Bar Assoc (720) 865-8440
American Immigration Lawyers Assoc (303) 757-3334
Boulder County Legal Services (BCLS) (303) 449-7575
Delaware National Lawyers Guild delaware@nlg.org
Florida Daniel Martinez


Fernandez Bardine Law 727-289-7281
Miami Josh Jones (Free) (305)-239-4878
Miami Saam Zangeneh (Free) (305)-441-2333


Jessiecalmes@gmail.com Note: Has advice for immigrants to avoid ICE detention.


National Lawyers Guild 312-913-0039

New Orleans

Any Bizer (504) 473-0018


Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT) Hotline: (443)-814-9160
Chicago Indianapolis Louisville (Tweet)
Missouri Missouri Bail Fund This is a Google Form to be filled out by attorneys offering leg services.
Montana Montana Legal Services Assoc
New York Rouff Law Firm PLLC Rouff Law Firm PLLC


26 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY


Good Call Arrest Support Line 1-833-346-6322 Connect you to an attorney for free.
Thomas Perry, Esq.

Warshawsky Law Firm

575 Lexington Avenue, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10022

T: (212) 971-1361

Civil Rights Litigation Speciality: federal and state false arrest, excessive force, and malicious prosecution
Mills and Edwards, LLP 800-516-1314 Black owned;

Serving NY and Philly

New Mexico Senator Jacob Candelaria (Tweet)
North Carolina


Ed Bartholomew – Raleigh: The Law Office of E.M. Bartholomew II, PLLC (919) 853-7467
Raleigh Ed Bartholomew

The Law Office of E.M. Bartholomew II, PLLC

(919) 853-7467
Scott Holmes

NCCU School of Law

(919) 599-1963
Tom Cadwallder (650) 759-8196
T. Greg Doucette (919) 606-7158
Ana Nunez (919) 828-5570
John McWilliam (919) 772-4000
Damon Chetson 919) 946-5392
Malcolm Matheson (919) 335-5291
Paige Miles (919) 747-3244
Lindsey Bivens Granados The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC (919) 650-2851
Saleisha Averhart (919) 741-6798
Asi Jackson (919) 729-2742
(statewide) Charles Kunz (919) 479-3490
Charlotte George Gibbs

Gibbs Law

(980) 228-6387
Charlotte Tiffany Scott

The Snow Legal Group, PLLC

(704) 358-0026
Charlotte The Corbett Law Firm (704) 401-5299
Charlotte Charlotte Uprising organizers are forwarding names to attorneys (704) 288-8840
Charlotte Ed Martin

Seifer Flatlow, PLLC

(704) 512-0606
Ryan Stowe

Stowe Law Firm, PLLC

704) 856-9502
Greensboro Brenton Boyce

The Boyce Firm

(336) 254-4417
Greensboro Jason Keith

KCA Law Firm

(336) 574-0368
Greensboro Kahran Myers Davis

The Law Offices of T. Greg Doucette

(727) 742-5193
Winston Salem Fred Adams (336) 725-6559
James Quander (336) 725-6600
Helen Parsonage (336) 714-4480
Pitt County & Greenville, NC Richard Faulkner

Faulkner Law Offices, PLLC

(919) 618-2779
Orange/Chatham, NC Kellie Mannette (919) 351-5586


Up Against the Law


Tweet with Dallas-Based Attorneys


Stacy M. Allen

Law Office of Stacy M. Allen PLLC

Office: (832) 639-8529

Fax: (832) 558-1661

Email: info@smallenlaw.com

Dallas/Hous Justin Moore justin@moorejustice.net
Tycha Kimbrough

Kimbrough Legal, PLLC

833-553-4251 Free! 24/7 Phone! Standby all weekend.
Austin Austin Justice Coalition
Oklahoma Jaye Mendro 405-408-1561
Angela Sonaggera 405-226-1243
Wesley Cusher 405-231-2874
Jacqui Ford 405-740-2419

1. Remain calm, do not antagonize the officer(s), and do not escalate the situation. Police get away with brutality, excessive force, and improper arrests under the guise of protecting themselves from the threat of immediate harm.

2. Ask “am I being detained, or am I free to go?” This is a good way to know whether you are being detained in such a manner that requires a reading of your Miranda rights.

3. Please remember that you have the right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer immediately. When in doubt, shut your mouth. Anything and everything can be used against you.

4. You do not have to answer any questions or explain your actions to a police officer. “I don’t have to answer questions about my day” is a good phrase to remember.

5. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you have the right to free legal counsel. Remain quiet – no matter what the police say to you, never sign anything or make any decisions without a lawyer present.

6. Courts have upheld that cops are able to say just about anything to a detainee in questioning to get answers or information from them. This includes lying (for example, “your friend we arrested already told us you did XYZ”). Do. Not. Engage.

7. You have the right to a phone call (usually local); if this is to your lawyer, the police can not listen in on it. However, this is not true for calls made to anyone else.

Section II: For People Who Can’t Donate or Protest

  • On Twitter, someone created a twitter thread of alternative actions people without the means to donate can take. Here is that thread.
  • This document was written a number of years ago for people who cannot protest, whatever the reason may be.
  • I want to encourage everyone to write to Joshua Williams, who was arrested when he was 18 during the Ferguson Uprising. He’s up for parole in June. Details here.
  • YouTuber Zoe Amira is donating 100% of her ad revenue from this video to bail funds and memorial funds. You cannot skip the add for this to work properly!
  • A Black Lives Matter “Ways you can help” page.
  • A Twitter thread that has compiled petitions to sign.
  • Amplify Movement for Black Lives and their mutual aid work.
  • A Master List of Companies’ Support for BLM

Section III: For People Who Can Donate or Protest

*Do not donate to any fundraisers hosted by Shaun King.*

  • If you’re confused as to why you should not donate to any fundraisers hosted by Shaun King, read this most recent article. There are plenty of others that you can find from over the years if you do additional research.

Misc. Community Controlled Projects and Mutual Aid Funds

Location Communities Served Donation Link Social Media
NYC, NY Sex Workers Mutual Aid Fund for Sex Workers of Color
Newark, NJ Jannah on Grafton Fund @Newarksjog on Twitter/IG
NYC, NY Sex Workers; WOC Mutual Aid Summer Commissary Drive by Survived and Punished NY
Minneapolis, MN Healing Minneapolis
Black Trans Women Homeless Black Transgender Woman Fund
Baltimore, MD Black TLGBQ+ Baltimore Safe Haven

Nat’l Fund

Pregnant, Parenting, and Menstruating Persons The COVID-19 Contraceptive and Menstrual Product Fund

Donate: Venmo JaLoniOwens with “Repro Fund” in the Subject

No Longer Need Funds
Black girls and women Loveland Therapy Fund
Brandon Saenz Medical Fund — Shot in the eye during a protest; Needs multiple surgeries. A video of Brandon and several protesters injured similarly can be found here.
Trans People Trans Affirming Resources; Trans Affirming Organizations
California Prison University Project at the San Quentin State Prison
Rhode Island-Based Project LETS Mutual Aid Fund
National Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network (AWN)
Women For Political Change
Disability Justice Mutual Aid Fund

To Request: http://bit.ly/djmutualaid

Disability Justice Culture Club

Venmo: @Yomi-Wrong

Black Trans Medical Fund (Assistance w/ Healthcare — Including travel to facilities)

International Bail Funds, Memorial Funds, and Resources (Non-US)

Location Donation Link
Toronto, Canada Protester Bail Fund.
Language: Korean BLM Solidarity Template — For Korean Elders
UK Key Advice for UK Protests from Green & Black Cross
UK UK Black Lives Matter Fund
UK Short List of AntiRacist Organizations: BLM UK;

Show Racism the Red Card; Runnymede; Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust; Stand Up to Racism; Southall Black Sisters; Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI)

Australia National Justice Project
Sisters Inside

Nationwide Bail Funds, Memorial Funds, and Resources (US)

Communities Served Donation Link
The National Bail Project ((Low Priority – According to Employees)
The National Bail Network put together this thread of bail funds across the country
Master Document of Bail Funds (Some overlap w/ This One)
Resistance Resource Hub
Black Trans People Black Trans Protesters Emergency Fund by CashApp ($btfacollective) and by Paypal
LGBTQ+ People Black and Pink Support Services Request Form
LGBTQ+ People Black and Pink Bail Fund
South Central LA, CA Youth Justice Coalition (Grassroots youth organizing; decertification of the police)
Campaign Zero (Reformist Organization)
Movement for Black Lives
Philly, PA Bread and Roses Community Fund

Bail Funds, Memorial Funds, and Resources by State

Location Donation Link Additional Information


The Montgomery Bailout
Birmingham Bail Fund by Venmo and CashApp (StarRobb) This is run by individuals not an organization
Mobile Mobile Bail Fund


Dion Johnson Memorial Fund (Memorial Fund)
Black People’s Justice Fund — Phx-Metro Bail Out Fund
Tucson Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund

Little Rock

Little Rock Freedom Fund by CashApp $LRFreedomFund

Bay Area

Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee Bail Fund
Compton Compton Bail Project
Los Angeles People’s City Council Freedom Fund
People’s Budget LA – Movement
Action Bail Fund LA
Oakland If you’ve been arrested / know someone who has been arrested in Oakland, call (408)-502-6605 or email blake@hellablackpod.com. Jail Support / Bail Support from Hella Black Pod
Mutual Aid Fund by the Anti-Police Terror Project
People’s Program BailOut Fund All excess funds go toward its community breakfast program.
Links to additional bailout funds to free protesters arrested in Oakland. (Tweet)
Orange County Orange County Bail Fund
San Diego San Diego Bail Fund – DeDe McClure Memorial Community Fund
We All Got San Diego – Mutual Aid Fund
Love Affair by Venmo (LoveAffairSD)

Redistributes 100% of money to trans and queer folks with priority given to BIPOC, disabled people, and undocumented people

(Black LGBTQ+)
Sacramento Sacramento Bail Fund
March for Black Women San Diego:  Black Womxn Deserve Fund — Paypal; Cash App; Venmo; Facebook Emergency Financial Support to Black Womxn in Crisis
San Jose Bail Fund by the Silicon Valley DSA — Primarily for people detained in San Jose
Mutual Aid Fund by the Anti-Police Terror Project
Colorado Colorado Freedom Fund
Connecticut Connecticut Bail Fund
Delaware Food Not Bombs Jail Support: (833)-362-9456
Food Not Bombs Bail Fund
DMV Protest Kit Fund
Florida Support Florida F12 Protesters organized by Gainesville FKA IWOC. Request funds by Instagram (gainesville_fka_iwoc) or by gainesvilleiwoc@gmail.com
Miami FemPower Bail Fund by Venmo and CashApp: fempowermia and by PayPal https://linktr.ee/fempowermia
FemPower Jail Support: 786-676-8806
Dream Defenders (Collaborates w/ FemPower) https://linktr.ee/MiamiDreamDefenders & https://lnk.bio/dreamdefenders
Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Community Support Fund organized by the Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society Request Form
Orlando Community Bail Fund  Only for those arrested on nonviolent offenses
Jacksonville Community Support Fund
Tallahassee Funeral Arrangements for Mychael Johnson (GoFundMe) (Memorial Fund)
Tallahassee Bail Fund Tallahassee Community Action Committee + Dream Defenders Gainesville
Memorial Fund for Tony Mcdade (Black LGBTQ+)

(Memorial Fund)



Athens Freedom Fund
Atlanta Atlanta Solidarity Fund
SisterSong (Medical Resource)
Hawaii Hawaii Community Bail Fund


On The Ground Chi is getting protestors PPE, masks, and first aid.

Venmo (OnTheGroundChi) & PayPal

(Directly Support Protesters)
Chicago Community Bond Fund
Winnebago Bond Project
Iowa Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project


Memorial Fund for Italia – Killed during protest Killed during a protest.


Louisville Community Bail Fund
Fight for Breonna (Memorial Page)
Breonna Taylor Memorial Fund (Memorial Fund)
David McAtee Memorial Fund (Memorial Fund)

New Orleans

Revolving Community Bail Fund and Advocacy Campaign.


Baltimore Action Legal Team‘s Bail Fund
Baltimore Action Legal
Shawn Leak’s Legal Fees (Black, Genderqueer) (Black LGBTQ+)
Aaron James “AJ” Sutton Memorial Fund (Memorial Fund)
Massachusetts The Massachusetts Bail Fund
FANG Community Bail Fund


Detroit Justice Center
The Bail Project
Minnesota Youth Gas Mask Fund by Venmo @Isak-Douah or by Paypal: isak.douah@gmail.com

Statement: “My name is Isak Douah and I am raising money to buy military grade gas masks for Black youth activists on the front lines. We are choking on tear gas every night in Minneapolis. Anything you can spare would go a long way.”

(Directly Support Protesters)
Twin Cities Mutual Aid Map (Pop Up Food Shelves) Community Controlled
Black Visions Collective

Petition: Defund the MPD

(Black LGBTQ+)

Abolitionist Organization

Reclaim the Block

Petition: Defund the MPD

Floyd Memorial Fund (GoFundMe) The Floyd Family and their legal counsel confirmed that THIS is the ONLY GoFundMe that they have created.
Minneapolis Freedom Fund (Bail Fund) (No Longer Need Funds)
The Northstar Health Collective (No Longer Need Funds)

(Medical Resource)

MN Healing Justice Network/Spiral Collective (Medical Resource)
Twin Cities Recovery Project (Grief & Trauma Support) (Medical Resource) (Medical Resource)

long haul care, ongoing trauma response, immediate funds to healers on site at Cup Foods and Moon Palace Medic Relief

Protesters in Minneapolis need the following items: Milk, milk of magnesia, baking soda, bandanas, water bottles, saline, first aid (kits), bandaids, gauze, hydrogen peroxide/alcohol, disinfectant wipes, heavy creams with no oils/additives, and goggles.

Donate to their Zelle via (612)-598-9366

(Directly Support Protesters)
An organizer made a request for funds via Twitter to purchase gas masks and other protective gear for frontliners.  (Directly Support Protesters)
May/June MN Bail Fund and Support List Do not include BLM in the note. Some donors have been blocked because of it.
Women for Political Change’s Frontline Fund (Directly Support Protesters)
North Loop Minneapolis LinkTree
Mississippi Mississippi Bail Fund

Kansas City

One Struggle KC Legal Fund
KC + St Louis: Missouri Black Bail Relief Fund To Request Bail from the MO Black Bail Relief Fund
KC Community Bail Fund
Short List of Anti-Racist Organizations: Race Project KC; KC Anti Violence Project; Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet; Stand Up KC; KC Tenants; Thelma’s Kitchen
Arch City Defenders
Action St Louis
Montana Short List of Racial Justice Orgs: Montana Human Rights Network; Montana Racial Equity Project
Nebraska Neighbors for Common Good with “bail” in the memo.
James Surlock Memorial Fund (Memorial Fund)

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Freedom Fund
New York


NYC Bail Fund — Free Them All for Public Health

Venmo (BailOutNYCMay) & CashApp ($BailOutNYCMay)

(No Longer Need Funds)
Brooklyn Community Bail Fund (No Longer Need Funds)
Trans Emergency Release Fund (LGBTQ+ Led + Serving)
Albany Albany Bail and Safety Fund
Rochester Bail and Supply Support by CashApp: $BLMRoc and by Venmo: @BLMRoc
Syracuse Syracuse Black Lives Matter Financial assistance w/ bail, snacks, water, and supplies for rallies, protests, and political education
North Carolina


Charlotte Jail Support Line: (980) 224-2097
Charlotte Bail Support:

CashApp ($WereStillHere) & Venmo (ResistanceIsBeautiful)

The AntiRacist Activist Fund
Charlotte DSA Statement & Resources
Durham Durham Bail Fund
Fayetteville Fayetteville Bail Fund by PayPal
Greensboro Greensboro Bail Fund by PayPal or by CashApp (GSOMutualAid)
Raleigh Community Bail Fund


BLM Cleveland
Cleveland Recovers
Goggles for CBus Protesters  (Directly Support Protesters)
Cincinnati Cincinnati Freedom Fund
Beloved Community Church
Columbus Columbus Freedom Fund
Central Ohio Black Queer & Intersectional Collective (Black LGBTQ+)
Black-Owned Ohio Businesses
Oklahoma Oklahoma Protesters Bail Fund


24/7 Bail Support Line: 541-515-5721 This is run by individuals not an organization
Bail Fund by Venmo (eugenebailfund) This is run by individuals not an organization
Portland PDX Protest Bail Fund
Black Resistance Fund PDX Request Form

Contact the Portland General Defense Committee (Tweet)

Jail support through GDC at pdxgdc@riseup.net or by 503-442-0866


Lancaster Bail Fund
Pittsburgh Bukit Bail Fund
Jailbreak by Venmo: PGH-FreedomFund
Philly June 6 Protest
Philadelphia Bail Fund
LiveWell Foundation – Free Online Mental Health Services; Serves everyone but is based in Philly (Medical Resource)
Rhode Island FANG Community Bail Fund
Short List of AntiRacist Organizing in Rhode Island: Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE); Providence Youth Student Movement; Alliance to Mobilize our Resistance (AMOR); Refugee Dream Center
South Carolina The Black Caucus of the Democratic Party Bail Fund

Please tag donations with “BC Bail Fund”

Charleston Bail Fund – Organized by Individuals

By Venmo (chsrebellion2020)

Columbia Bail Fund – Organized by Individuals

By Venmo (sodacitybail)



Nashville Bail Fund Bail Request: 615-455-1875 & info@nashvillebailfund.org


400+1 Bail Fund
Mutual Aid ATX Venmo + Cash App: mutualaidatx (Medical Resource)
Dallas The Luke 4:18 Bail Fund by Faith in Texas.
Support for protesters in Texas from the Texas Civil Rights Project
Dallas Bail Fund for Protesters Bail Requests: 469-546-9181
Houston Houston Community Bail Fund
Support for protesters in Texas
Restoring Justice Co. Bail Fund
San Antonio Texas Organizing Project Bail Fund  — @OrganizeTexas on Twit.
Utah Bail Fund organized by Utah Against Police Brutality


Richmond Community Bail Fund
Roanoke Roanoke Community Bail Fund
Tidewater Humanities Behind Bars’ Bail Fund
Washington Northwest Community Bail Fund
Seattle Seattle Bail Fund
Olympia Olympia Bail Fund IG: @flyersolympia
Washington D.C. Legal Aid Society
DC Resistance Fund
People have mentioned that posting bonds in D.C. is a little funky! Here’s a resource I found!
Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf (HEARD) Abolitionist Organization; Disability Justice Organization

See: #DeafInPrison

Black Lives Matter Washington DC
DMV Protest Kit Fund
Wisconsin Free the 350 Bail Fund

Venmo: @Liam-Manjon

Cashapp: $FreeThe350BailFund

Paypal: FreeThe350Bailfund@gmail.com

Milwaukee Milwaukee Freedom Fund
Black Owned Business Fund



  • This Google Doc contains the best practices for before, during, and after protests.
  • This Twitter thread contains reminders and new information about maintaining your respiratory health while protesting.
  • Avoid posting and resharing photos that could help police, white supremacist groups, and employers identify the people protesting. Blur other people’s faces, tattoos, or other identifiable attributes if you’re going to post!
  • “Riot Medicine” – A Twitter thread.
  • Treating Bullet Wounds – A Thread from an EMT.
  • Sew or use safety pins to close up pockets and don’t carry easy to open bags. Police put illegal things in them and use what they say they’ve found to bring cases against people.
  • Write out ICE (in case of emergency contact) and notes about any required medication or medical problems. Phone number of doctor not a bad ideas either.
  • It is best not to bring prescription medications to the protests. If you do, you’re encouraged to bring the bottle containing your prescription. Police are likely to give you a hard time, but it’s safer to have the bottle your meds came in.
  • Avoid wearing your contacts! Tear gas is particularly harmful for you!
  • If you are protesting while seated and someone begins to attack you, cover the back of your neck and your lower back with your arms.


  • The best policy is to watch what you text and to make sure you’re not including your location on your social media posts. Turn off your location!
  • Tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively blurring faces and identifiable features. Phone or Desktop. Credit

FOR POLICE INTERACTIONS: This tweet teaches you how to set a Shortcut to film your encounters with police and to contact your emergency contact.

  • While undercover police officers may not always have a colored arm band, many protesters in NYC have noticed that some reliably do wear different colored arm bands. However, be on alert. You cannot always assume you will spot an undercover officer!


  • Avoid posting and resharing photos that could help police, organized and unorganized white supremacist groups, and employers identify the people protesting.
  • Click here if you’re not sure how to blur people’s faces, tattoos, and other identifying attributes.
  • Do not use your social media page to discourage looting or “violent protest”. It’s counterrevolutionary to use your platform this way.
  • A quick response: “Violence aimed at the recovery of human dignity and at equality cannot be judged by the same yardstick as violence aimed at maintenance of discrimination and oppression.” – Walter Rodney
  • Reading Material: “In Defense of Looting” by Vicky Osterweil
  • Do not share videos and photos of the murder of George Floyd or any other Black person who has been murdered police – or anyone for that matter! These videos are the lynching postcards of our time.
  • Do the work to unlearn and to fight all of your racist conditioning re: innocence and criminality.



What is this document?

This Google document contains links to community bail funds, memorial funds, political education resources, organizations to put on your radar as well as general advice/tips for people attending protests or using social media as an organizing tool.

How can I edit the document?

If you believe that there is anything missing from this Doc or that I’ve included a link that should not be here, whether that be because the organization is no longer accepting donations or protesters on the ground do not trust an organization, reach out by email (jaloni.owens@live.law.cuny.edu. I am not granting editing access to preserve the integrity of the document! Many of my comrades have made similar documents, granted editing access, and had the materials deleted.

How can I credit you?

You do not need my permission to share the document on social media or to include the link in your bio or other Docs compiling information. To credit me, please use my Twitter or Instagram
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