It’s the middle of the COVID Quarantine Crisis. So, we’ve already heard so many times how self-care is utterly essential. We’d like remind you why. It is not only crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself but also with others, including your partner. Self-care promotes good moods, less stress, and less anxiety. It also increases your self-confidence. It is a way to let yourself and others know that you matter, that your needs are also essential (that word takes on a new meaning nowadays, doesn’t it?). 

How to Practice Self-Care

There are so many ways one can practice self-care. There are even ways that will cover all of your needs, from emotional to physical to psychological to sexual wellness. Your body, like your loved ones, requires compassion as well. You may tend to do more than your body and mind can take. That’s when the stress and anxiety levels start rising and can take a toll on your health. It seems like you take care of everyone’s needs, at work, at home, with your partner, and leave yourself last. 

You can feel your neck and shoulders tense, and your head may start to hurt, but you still need to work, or make dinner. If you have a partner, it is okay to ask for help. You need a break to breathe and relax. The world will not fall apart if you take a few minutes to sit back and let go. 

You can also practice self-care without a partner. Take a break from the internet, take 10 minutes to unwind and recharge. It’s okay to ask a family member for help. Even better if you have kids, let them help with chores to develop discipline and responsibility.

Different Aspects of Self-Care

There are several aspects to self-care. It is apparent that you have to take care of your body, but it is also crucial to take care of your mind. If your mental health is not okay, you are not okay. You need your mind to be okay for your body to function correctly in the day to day life. You also need to take care of your emotional, sexual, and social wellness. 

You can even involve your partner in a self-care activity that will strengthen your relationship. It is vital to communicate your needs with your significant other to know how you can help each other out. Practicing self-care together is an excellent way to bond while you both take care of your health.

Physical Health

The most common and visible form of self-care is taking care of your body. You already know this, but you wait until you feel sick to pay attention to it. You don’t have to wait until something feels wrong to take action. Many diseases are preventable. It doesn’t have to be extremely difficult to care for your body.

It can be as easy as being mindful of what you put in your body. No diet culture here! Your body needs to be fed; you need to feed it the necessary nutrients. Maybe start by adding more veggies and fruits to your daily food intake…. wherever you want. Eat intuitively. 

Aside from your nutrition, some think it’s an essential part of their day during the crisis to stay active. Physical activity gets the heart pumping, keeping it healthy. Exercise also brings other benefits like boosting your mood and calming your anxiety. You can exercise with your partner and enjoy each other’s company. 

Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is often the most overlooked aspect when you think of self-care. But it is as important as any other part. Sex relieves tension and anxiety caused by stress. It also releases hormones that boost your mood. It will keep your relationship healthy. If you do not have a partner, masturbation is a healthy choice. There are many products to choose from when it comes to sexual wellness. The most popular sex toy for women is clit vibrator, and fleshlight for men.

You can use sex toys with your partner to spark up the relationship. Or have fun with yourself. Sex toys are a great way to masturbate to take care of your sexual needs. Sex helps keep your heart and mind healthy. 

Emotional Health

You are human; emotions can be messy. But they don’t have to be. There are ways to improve your emotional health. Your mental health relies on how you manage your emotions. It also helps with managing stress levels. Maintaining good emotional health is not as complicated as you may think. Take the time to acknowledge what you are feeling. Be aware of your emotions and how you react. It is time to understand what you are feeling and why, without letting it take over. 

Learn and grow from your experiences. Accept that you will make mistakes, and it is okay. Writing in a journal can help track your moods. You will notice how they change during seasons or particular situations. Your happiness depends on you; don’t depend on your partner to make you happy. Work on creating your happiness by finding your purpose. 

Social Wellness

It is good for your mind to keep good relationships, not only with your partner but with your family and friends. It is healthy to go out every once in a while to socialize with other people. Talking is a very good form of therapy. If socializing isn’t for you, counseling therapy is always a great choice. You can talk about everything and anything with your therapist and be sure that they won’t ever judge you!


Please don’t think that self-care is a selfish act. It is only selfish to ignore your needs and let it affect your overall health. Taking care of your health and happiness is your responsibility. You can only take care of others when you are feeling good and healthy. Your body is the only home you’ll ever have, do not take it for granted. Love yourself enough to take care of it and buy that sex toy you’ve always wanted!


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