Sizzle it out with Adam and Eve by Madeline Chandler

curvy lingerie

At times, it can seem like lingerie is both the most intimidating side of the body positive movement. At other times, it seems like we are saturated with images of plus-size bodies in lingerie. Being this vulnerable can be incredibly difficult for some people. It’s not easy to show off bodies that we have been told to hide. But it is important to celebrate ourselves. We ARE beautiful. We ARE sexy. We DO deserve to show ourselves and our bodies off, if that’s what we want to do!  

curvy lingerie 

This is where Adam and Eve lingerie can come in. Whether you just want some beautiful pieces to wear for yourself, you want to do a boudoir shoot, you want to post on Instagram every day, or anything else, if you’re looking for beautiful and special lingerie, this is where you should go.  

curvy lingerie 

Adam and Eve is not one of those companies that takes plus-size women for granted. FabUplus’s own Cheyenne Atkinson has done some beautiful photos with them and shows that their products truly fit and celebrate plus size women, not just say that they do. This is lingerie that will make you feel beautiful, sexy, powerful, strong, feminine, and just about anything else you may desire. You won’t feel like you’re in bras that were just “made bigger” you will feel like you are in special, beautiful lingerie that was made with you in mind.  

 curvy lingerie

Enjoy the pictures of Cheyenne flaunting her hot bod and then get yours over to the Adam and Eve website and indulge in some beautiful lingerie for yourself!  

 curvy lingerie

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Author Credits: 

Model: Cheyenne Atkinson

Photographer: Rosenne Lynn Photography

Hair & Makeup: Emily Joy Beauty

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curvy lingerie

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