3 Pillars to Starting Fitness Program – Breaking Down Where To Start

By Krista Henderson from Born To Reign Athletics 

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Krista Henderson is the Founder of Born to Reign Athletics (BornToReignAthletics.com), a website dedicated to motivating, educating and celebrating plus size women who unleash their inner athlete. She is an award-winning plus size athlete in triathlon and indoor rowing, is recognized as a global leader in plus size athletics and as a sought after speaker and writer. Follow Krista on Facebook at fb.com/borntoreignathletics orInstagram @borntoreignathletics

The Fall is a time where our care-free summer living off attending picnics, pools and BBQs begins to transition as the days become cooler and shorter. It’s also a time that sparks new energy within, as fiery desires rise to the top, wanting to take on new challenges and routines such as a fitness program. 

Starting a new fitness program can be exciting as you are learning something new. But it also can feel a bit intimidating, trying to figure out what to focus on first in your workouts: frequency, duration or intensity. A great strategy is one that delivers small wins on a consistent basis, allowing your fitness and confidence levels to soar with each completed workout. Here are some beginners tips on how to prioritize these elements: 

curvy fitness

Frequency: Re-arranging your schedule to incorporate your workouts should be your primary focus. You are forming a new habit that may feel a bit strange at first. Give yourself a few weeks to adjust beginning with 1-3 workouts per week. 

Duration: Start with 15- 30 minutes per workout, then graduate to the next level by slowing increasing your time each week, by no more than 10%. 

Intensity: Establishing a solid foundation through frequency and duration is key before increasing the intensity of your workouts. In cardio, you may walk faster or in resistance training, you may lift a heavier dumbbell. Always start at a low-medium intensity that feels light to somewhat hard. When ready, build in 5 x 30 second pick ups at a harder pace, with rest in between.

curvy fitness

Once you get going, you will quickly become attuned to your body and will know when you’re ready to make a change in any of these areas. Here’s an example of a beginner walker, for the first 10 weeks. 



** Note:  Always consults a physician before beginning any fitness routine. 

 curvy fitness

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