3 Tips To Cultivate Confidence In Any Body

Contrary to popular belief, confidence isn’t based on your appearance, and you don’t cultivate confidence through changing your body. We do not have complete control over our body, and our bodies are always going to be changing no matter what. That is inevitable. Do we really want to place confidence on the condition of our body? I don’t think so… Here are 3 Tips To Cultivate Confidence In Any Body.

Confidence isn’t a look nor is it absent from fear or self-doubt. All bodies can embody confidence and here’s how:

1) Take Action

You can either call this fake it till you make it or moving through insecurity. Either way it is a matter of doing the things that you truly want to do even when they a little scary for you. Think of it as expanding your comfort zone. Move through the fear.

2) Be Compassionate

Being compassionate is a question of being okay with yourself despite what others will think of you. You are human, and by no means perfect.You will fumble, get things wrong, need to try again, and that is okay.You may be open to judgement from others, but that is their issue – not yours.

3) Trust Yourself

Many of us are disconnected from our own internal wisdom, and are being guided by others. When we follow in others’ footsteps and ignore our own wisdom, we eliminate our ability to trust ourselves. By looking inward, we truly cultivate self-trust. We are then able to be guided by ourselves and for ourselves within our own life. This uplifts part one – Take Action – when we realize that we can handle whatever happens by moving through the fear and our comfort zone. Trust your ability to handle hard things.

Through taking action, responding compassionately, and trusting yourself, you’ll really develop long-lasting confidence that isn’t based on the condition of your body. Pick one thing to do outside of your comfort zone, do it, see how it goes, then do it again. Confidence will come!

By: Sarah Vance 

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