You may not be working during the COVID-19 Pandemic. But, guess what… at least you’re not a diet. Diets NEVER work. For the past 50 years, we have been misled by the diet industry about how food affects our bodies. The ever changing diet culture and industry feed on our insecurities to create the next new fad for us. 





Weight Watchers 


All of this preys on our self esteem to make us wish we were thinner. 


Diet Culture is extremely dangerous and also a pendulum of ideas that completely conflict and contradict themselves. First, they told us not to eat fats. Then they changed it and said calories were what we needed to reduce. Before long, you guessed it, it changed again…this time, to carbs and now, sugar is “public enemy number 1.” 


The bottom line: Promoting energy and sustainability creates a better day for us. Nobody needs to be told what to eat and how they’ll be undesirable if they don’t. This is the epitome of anti fat-acceptance or body liberation. 


Each time the diet industry promised us that if we got rid of this nutrient or that nutrient, we would get skinny and all of our dreams would come true. First, of all, we have major issues with the way they pit us against our own bodies. Because our dreams should be to be in love with ourselves as we are. Secondly… diets don’t work. Each time dieters diet, they tend to gain back all the weight they lost and more. And, it’s a miserable pattern. 


We want to be clear… weight loss is not at all a pillar of our magazine. A healthy lifestyle, however that looks for you, is. Love yourself at all sizes….. YES. Love yourself because your body does amazing things? Even better! Love yourself because your body is one part of you, a being that includes a brain, a heart, a soul, and an identity? HECK YEAH! 


If you do decide to make a change in your body, we hope that you love it at all stages, not just at its smallest or most lean. At SoLo, they believe the word ‘diet’ is a dirty four-letter word. We agree. Healthy choices are always a better option. 


If you are making a change, you’ll want to consider lifestyle changes versus diets. This isn’t new news. One lifestyle change that will totally redefine your approach to food is called ‘living a low glycemic lifestyle.’ 


But here’s the kicker: It goes against everything the “big shots” in the diet industry have been trying to force on us. Instead of removing all the parts that actually make food taste good, it encourages us to eat ALL nutrients: proteins, fats AND carbs. The key is to pay attention to how all the parts combine in food to impact our blood-sugar levels. 


Through real ingredients and a little bit of science, you can create and enjoy truly delicious food that other popular diets would say are the enemy. Even better, that great-tasting, health-conscious food leaves us feeling more satisfied for longer, keeping us fueled to tackle anything life throws our way.


SoLo believes there is a better way, they call it The SoLo Way.


Let’s be real, we crave carbs as well as other nutrients! Doing anything that deprives our body of nutrients is a bad idea. 


It’s important to understand that Not All Carbs Are Created Equal.  

Some carbs are fast releasing – which deliver a short burst of energy- making us more hungry.  While other carbs, like the low glycemic ones found in SoLo bars, are slow releasing – which make you feel more satisfied longer. Numerous studies have shown that people are less hungry and have more energy when they eat slow release carbs like the ones in SoLo bars. 


The SoLo Way is about going “slow carb” and enjoying the benefits of healthy eating, without all the negative side effects of dieting.  This gives people an opportunity to achieve long term weight management success and still enjoy eating along the journey.


SoLo. It’s about time.


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