By Guest Author Kassandra Paredes

Whether we are talking about how our weekend was, or how our last date went, women will always have something to talk about. Let’s face it, we are social creatures, for the most part, and when we gather we talk about everything. But what do women really talk about, when there are no men anywhere to be found? Well, the answer to that question obviously can vary, but for the most part there are certain topics we will always, somehow, end up discussing. 

Sex! Yes, when us girls get together and are comfortable with each other, sex is always a topic we bring up. Let’s be honest, for the longest time, there has been a stigma about women freely expressing and talking about their sexuality. So, when we get together it becomes a safe space where we can say anything without the fear of judgement. Now, we don’t only talk about sex, we discuss it in detail. Women have a more keen view of things compared to men. For example, if a man and a woman have a one night stand, when he brags about it to his buddies, he most likely will just say how good it was and if he enjoyed himself. Unlike the woman, who will describe in detail, to her girlfriends, everything she can remember: what he smelled like, how the foreplay was leading to sex, and even share how he made her feel physically and emotionally. Women drive on the little things, the small details. So of course, when we are talking to each other, indubitably we will go into extreme detail. We will compare experiences and will deliberate on who had the best one. Things like a man’s stamina, size, and sexual abilities will always be reviewed. Sexual fantasies and what we like in the bedroom are also part of the sex talk us girls are guilty of. What turns you on? What do you wish your partner did to make it more pleasurable for you? Do you like toys, and if yes, which one? These are the kind of questions we will ask and that we will answer while sipping on our favorite wine and giggling like school girls. 

Dating, this cannot come as a surprise. As soon as girls start dating, they share everything with their closest friends. I personally remember having a sleepover with my two closest friends and telling them how my first kiss, with my first boyfriend went. Not that great by the way. But we don’t only talk about the good, we talk about the bad just as much, if not more. Everything from bad dates, bad arguments with a significant other, to even regrets. We will talk about painful, intimate issues like cheating, or break ups. It becomes almost like a support group, where you get to release things you can only do with your girlfriends. We share things that we have been holding in and have been tearing us up inside. And when we do, we are embraced by understanding smiles and supportive advice. And to get everyone to stop crying and lighten things up again, there will always be someone who will crack a joke to get everyone laughing again; most likely a sexual joke. 

Certainly women talk about much, much more such as fashion, trends, and work. When we get together we can talk for hours. But when women are truly alone with no men around, sex, dating, and heartbreak are always the topics that we dive into brazenly. Not only because they’re the juiciest topics, but because it’s the only place we can open up honestly about such intimate topics. So next time you see a group of women together giggling you now have a pretty good idea what they are talking about.

Kassandra Paredes is the Co-host of the Lady Instinct Podcast and was also featured on our Curvy Couch Instagram Live. To learn more about how you can be featured with FabUplus, please contact Cheyenne Atkinson at  


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