For When You Don’t Love Your BodyJessie Harrold

For When You Don’t Love Your Body
Jessie Harrold

“Just love your body,” she said, “it’s amazing.” I stared blankly at my friend, the word “just” ringing in my ears. “Just.” As if it were easy. I felt guilty that I couldn’t connect with the idea of loving my body. My heart was beating as it should, my brain was...
The Peppermint KissDetras Powell

The Peppermint Kiss
Detras Powell

When I decided to write my book, The Peppermint Kiss – Love Happens, I was in a space of complete joy and happiness. I wanted to spread the feeling of joy and love to every one I met. I had been down a path that wasn’t so pleasant for many years and now that I have...
A Summer Day in New EnglandAlexis Poulicakos

A Summer Day in New England
Alexis Poulicakos

On a scolding new England day this young model set out to put the story straight: plus-size models do have a place on the in the modeling community. Some say otherwise, but she goes on. She does not pay mind to the naysayers because she is young wild and free. As she...
Forty & FabulousKevil Tice

Forty & Fabulous
Kevil Tice

In this season of my life, I’ve implemented new ways to love myself a little harder. Staying hydrated and cleansing my body of as many impurities as possible is a top priority for me. This year, I eased into my 4th decade of life…    Who am I kidding? I didn’t...
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