Getting Sexy & Silly Together

Sometimes you need to be getting Sexy & Silly Together Learning to express what you like and want in the bedroom comes with truly being at home in your body and with who you are. It’s ok […]

How to Deal with Gym Anxiety

Author: Lexi Nimmo  Many of us have experienced the frustrating anxiety surrounding the gym. I personally have struggled with gym anxiety for years, and would sometime drive all the way to the gym just to […]

Love You in the Now

This is the time of year many single people dwell! Many single people hates, for the lack of wording, Valentines because they want a “boo” “lover” a “homie lover friend!” Get my drift! Blah, blah blah and more…!  Well…I […]

So You Think You Can Model?

Written by: Lexi Nimmo  “How do I become a curve model?” This is a question I receive multiple times a week! I’ll be honest, the question itself gives me the impression you aren’t cut out […]

February Mixed Nuts

Personal Perspectives  That’s how I feel about Valentine’s Day – like a can of mixed nuts.   In my home, when I was growing up, those cans of Planter’s Mixed Nuts would magically appear once or […]

My Journey as a Plus Size Trainer

Grab a coffee, tea, cold drink…. put on your favorite leggings and pop your Feet Up its Friday   As I join you to talk all things body positive in fitness and health, I thought I would share a little about me……  So -1st up…..let’s […]

Eating Out In Style by Esther Kane, MSW, RSW, RCC

While you’re celebrating your curves with the latest fall fashion line-up, why not enjoy some fine dining as well?   I can hear you saying to yourself; “Enjoy eating out? That’s impossible!”  Yes, I actually put the word “enjoy” […]