So You Think You Can Model?

Written by: Lexi Nimmo  “How do I become a curve model?” This is a question I receive multiple times a week! I’ll be honest, the question itself gives me the impression you aren’t cut out […]

My Relationship with Fashion

Written by: Lori “Loralyee” Moran  Fashion has always been a form of expression for me. As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with fashion. I went from hiding behind fashion to embracing it and using […]

Number Wars by Ruby Roxx

Body Positivity/Acceptance  Everyday, people all over the world seem to be at war with numbers.  Dress and pant sizes, weight, BMI’s, calories, and many more.  I am here to ask you to join me in a movement.  It is time to take back the […]

#ThickThighs – No Problem! by Kevil Tice

On my 36th birthday, I decided that I would do 36 new things.  I freely explored new foods, novel venues, and different social activities.  Then, it hit me.  I should free my thighs this year!  Between growing up with eczema on the back of my […]

Sassy Little Black Dress

SASSY LITTLE BLACK DRESS with enJOYCURVES!  What woman doesn’t look good in black? Every women does! What an alluring color that makes one body look like an artist’s work of art!  I am a colorful and bright person, but at times […]

Wardrobe Remix: The Printed Sweatshirt 

 Wardrobe Remix: The Printed Sweatshirt  Written by: Elizabeth McGuffin     The classic sweatshirt gets a spring refresh in a slinky lightweight knit and vibrant painterly print. No longer reserved for casual weekends, this season’s sweatshirt […]

Fashion Dos- Stripes!

Fashion Dos!: Stripes  Written By Elizabeth McGuffin of With Wonder and Whimsy   Stripes have a long history as a fashion don’t for fear of “looking bigger”.  Still, others argue they make you look thinner.  Why does it even matter?  Like any other […]