From Head to Curve

From Head To Curve     Meet Ashley, an accountant by day and blogger/YouTuber on nights and weekends.  In March 2016 Ashley started her blog From Head to Curve and is “obsessed with blogging and helping other women. I share a […]

Princess Jasmine’s Eyes by La’Toya Fletcher

Princess Jasmine’s Eyes  Written by: La’Toya Nicole Fletcher I got my professional start when I was approached at a wedding by a photographer. He invited me to do some test shots for a calendar that he was producing. From that I was […]

5 Easy Outfit Choices When Time Is a Factor

5 Easy Outfit Choices When Time’s A Factor  Written by:  Isobelle Miller  As women, we have an expectation thrust upon us that, especially as successful, career-driven women, our appearance must be of a certain standard to maintain […]

AboutU – Gwendolen Wilder

It’s Okay to Tell Your Story  Written by: Gwendolen Wilder I refer to myself as a kickass survivor of abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. Experiencing those forms of abuse for years had a huge negative impact on my […]