Self Care With and Without a Partner

It’s the middle of the COVID Quarantine Crisis. So, we’ve already heard so many times how self-care is utterly essential. We’d like remind you why. It is not only crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship […]

See Yourself the Way Others Do 

See Yourself the Way Others Do  Author: Sara J. Hardan    In our selfie-crazed world, the photos we take usually show the person we want to show. Duck-lip Snapchats, side poses posted to Instagram; the photos we post are the […]

How I Began My Body Positive Journey 

How I Began My Body Positive Journey   Written by: Kyla Jo Baker  My entire life has been a constant struggle with my body. The past four years have proven to be the toughest, and last year I found myself at my lowest point. I knew […]

From Head to Curve

From Head To Curve     Meet Ashley, an accountant by day and blogger/YouTuber on nights and weekends.  In March 2016 Ashley started her blog From Head to Curve and is “obsessed with blogging and helping other women. I share a […]

Wardrobe Wednesday- Fashion Dos Sequins

Fashion Dos!: Sequins  By Elizabeth McGuffin of With Wonder and Whimsy  Step out in sequins and sparkle this holiday! Celebrate the season and the self with festive outfits that twinkle and shine. There’s nothing wrong with standing out, making a […]

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve (or chest, or back, or wherever)  Written by: Teri Hofford   Fashion story: Using graphic tees to motivate, inspire, and encourage your inner bad ass (and those around you!) Ever since I was in junior […]

Fashion Do’s – Overpieces by Elizabeth McGuffin

 Fashion Dos - Layering with Overpieces   Written by: Elizabeth McGuffin (@withwonderandwhimsy)   Fall’s cooler weather means bundling up in cozy overpieces and outerwear. The key is learning to approach jackets, dusters and kimonos as part of your look instead of just outerwear. Styled thoughtfully, overpieces can be the highlight […]