While everyone is still deep into summer-mode, the reality is that time is ticking and before you know it, fall will be here. This is why it’s the perfect time to start giving thought to your fall wardrobe, as it won’t be long until you see all the cooler weather fashions hit the shelves. 

One of the best ways to ensure your wardrobe stays fashionable, on-trend, and stylish is to update your accessories on a regular basis. Accessories can give a look personality, create a statement, act as that pop, and truly make it unique and fit with your own style. Here we’ll take a look at some must-have accessories that you can work into your autumn wardrobe.

Pair a Designer Belt with Your Existing Wardrobe

Belts are always a necessity in any wardrobe, but this fall, they provide you with an opportunity to really elevate the style of any outfit. Designer belts will be all the rage and can be worn with anything from your dress slacks at the office, to that loose flowing dress. 

These Gucci belts are a great example of this must-have autumn accessory. SSENSE offers a wide array of Gucci belts in different styles, colours, widths, and even finishes. You can opt for a slim-lined understated and elegant belt, or something with embellishments and personality. 

Chunky Boots Get a Second Life

It looks like the chunky boot is making its return to the runway this fall, as this style is proving to be quite the hot item. A chunky boot can be incorporated into your wardrobe as soon as the temperatures start to dip a bit, as they pair beautifully with dresses, slacks, capris, and even with shorts, depending on how funky you want to get. The great thing about this style is that it also tends to be quite comfortable to wear.

Create a Polished Look with a Padded Headband

When it comes to hair accessories for the fall it’s all about the padded headband. This just gives you a polished, elegant, and sophisticated look and is at the same time very fast and easy to embrace. A padded headband works with all different hair lengths and can have you feeling instantly chic.

Let Your Necklace Make a Statement

Jewelry is always a hot accessory to include in your wardrobe, no matter the season; it’s just a matter of what style is trending at that moment. For fall, it looks like it’s all about big, over-sized statement necklaces. You can achieve this look with a large bulky chain, or by layering different styles to create the illusion of bulk.

If you’re going to use this accessory, make sure you let it be the focal point of the outfit. What this means is you want to keep everything else fairly neutral and understated.

You’re Ready for Fall Fashion

By embracing each of these accessories and working them into your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to embrace fall fashion.

Featured Image is of fabUfilliate Jewel Jefferies

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