Getting Sexy & Silly Together

Sometimes you need to be getting Sexy & Silly Together Learning to express what you like and want in the bedroom comes with truly being at home in your body and with who you are. It’s ok […]

Finding Confidence Within; Forty Was The Age

Tiana Burrell tells us how Forty is the Magic Age and she was Finding Confidence Within I was finding confidence within. Forty was the magic age for me. Society often makes women feel as though we lose […]

Finding Self-Love with PCOS through the Fashion Community

Veronica Belle was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) after gaining over 30 pounds in three months. “I was experiencing a lot of changes with my body that were extremely difficult both mentally and physically,” said Belle. “For years I dealt with a lot of self-confidence issues. […]

Model Monday ~ Shannon Grace Clemons

Love unapologetically, celebrate individuality, free yourself! Meet Our Shannon our Model Monday! Name: Shannon Grace Clemons Instagram: http://@itsshannongrace 1. How did you get started as an influencer/blogger? What kind of content do you create, and what’s […]

Complexion Perfection for Your Big Day

Complexion Perfection for Your Big Day It’s finally here – your wedding day! In all your planning, have you considered what this stress may be doing to your complexion? Well, fear not. Here are some tips to ensure that you look […]

Happy (International) No Diet Day! 

Happy (International) No Diet Day!  **Trigger Warning for Diets, Diet Culture, Weight Loss ETC** Happy International No Diet Day! Almost everyone in North American knows that May 5th is Cinque de Mayo. A decent-sized niche […]