Happy (International) No Diet Day! 

Happy (International) No Diet Day!  **Trigger Warning for Diets, Diet Culture, Weight Loss ETC** Happy International No Diet Day! Almost everyone in North American knows that May 5th is Cinque de Mayo. A decent-sized niche […]

Kari Kemp’s Most Valuable Advice for a Workout

  A plus-sized model, Kari Kemp finds passion in playing sports, preferably volleyball and badminton, and working out. She likes to workout four to five times per week and then reinforces it with sports. If her days have a 30- to […]

Why You Should Focus on Strength and How You Can Get Stronger by Chloe Kyprianou

Why You Should Focus on Strength and How You Can Get Stronger by Chloe Kyprianou As I lock out on yet another heavy deadlift I can’t help but grin from ear to ear. The reason for my […]

Keeping Active in Winter

Keeping Active in the Winter Months  It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. I finally got the gumption to find my winter boots and find winter appropriate attire to trudge out into the snow. I don’t usually believe it until I see […]

Getting Back to the Slopes

Getting Back to the Slopes  As an avid skier I love to share my love for skiing with others.  But I’m often met with discussions around what “use to be”.  I hear comments like, “I used to ski when I was […]

Starting a New fitness Routine

3 Pillars to Starting Fitness Program – Breaking Down Where To Start By Krista Henderson from Born To Reign Athletics  Krista Henderson is the Founder of Born to Reign Athletics (BornToReignAthletics.com), a website dedicated to motivating, educating and […]

#throwback “Get Up & Get Down with Fitness”

Get Up & Get Down with Fitness  Written By Michele Burmaster of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance    This time of year, the media and fitness industry are infamous for using guilt and shame tactics to make […]